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About Focus

Focus is the official newspaper of Friends' Central Upper School. Started by students over half a century ago, the publication remains among the most vibrant, popular clubs at Friends' Central.

Focus: Monthly School Newspaper, Distributed In Print and Online

The mission of Focus is...

To provide the Friends' Central Upper School Community with an outstanding newspaper, delivering exemplary student-written content regarding events and news on campus, pop culture, sports, and other topics of interest.

To obtain a print copy of the most recent edition of Focus, visit one of the four newsstands on campus or contact our Coordinator of External Relations. To read Focus, click HERE. To submit a story idea to Focus, click HERE.


Above, members of the Focus staff take a break from the newsroom and escape to Saunders' Woods in Gladwyne on a semi-annual bonding excursion. It has become a Focus tradition to give back to mother nature by planting trees in recognition of the trees which perish as a result of our publication.

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