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This Week at a Glance

Mon, 3/5/18 (D)

Monday (D day): World Affairs group trip

Before school- World Affairs Group, FCS World Press

Chorus block- 9th and 10th Graders return to homeroom

Chorus Block Activities-Chorus, Writing Lab, Math Lab, Debate club, Ramen Club, Animal Awareness Club

After School- Daroff tutoring, Model UN (3:30-5:30), Mock Trial (5:30-7)

Tue, 3/6/18 (E)

Tuesday (E day):

Before School- Student Council

9:50 Community Block- Focus, Vocal groups, Asian Students’ Association (ASA), Writing Lab, Math Lab, Language Lab, Spanish club, Art Club, Science Core Team (alternative 1), History Help, Brother Square

2:35 Activities- Physics clinic, Yearbook Committee, Focus, Sister Circle, STAR, Honor Council, Robotics club, Language Lab, Chemistry Clinic

Wed, 3/7/18 (W)

Before School- No 10th grade class council this week

Meeting for Worship- 9:50 in Shallcross Hall

Community Block- Vocal groups, Science Core Team (alternative 2), Business Club, Chess Club, Writing Lab, Math Lab, NADWG (girls math club), Yearbook Committee (if not on Tuesday), Progressive Student Action Club (PSA), Language Lab (every other week)

After school- Mock Trial (5:30-7)

Thu, 3/8/18 (F)

Thursday (F day):

Before school- Service Committee, Student Athletic Advisory Committee (SAAC)

Chorus block- 11th grade return to homeroom

Other Activities- Chorus, Writing Lab, Math Lab, Language Lab (in M33), Black Student Forum (BSF), Investment Club, Pulsar Research, Sustainability Club

After School-

Winter Varsity Sports Awards Evening (7 pm)

Fri, 3/9/18 (A)

Friday (A day):

Before school- GSOA, Jazz Ensemble

Community Block- 11th grade to Chorus Room for College Counseling Meeting

Other Community Block Activities- History Bee/Bowl, Phoenix Update, Math Modeling, Prom Committee, Writing Lab, Math Lab, Mental Health club, Political Conversation Club, Language Lab

9:50- Assembly Student Council Speeches (Seniors tbd)

2:35- Sci Fi club, Chinese Culture Club, Harry Potter Club

After School-

Girls Lacrosse home vs. GA

Boys Baseball opens season at Episcopal

Girls Indoor Track at Nationals in New York City

Sat, 3/10/18

Saturday 3/10-

Princeton History Bee/Bowl

9th and 10th grade semi-formal

Miss Dickerson (3/5), Mr. Soper (3/6), Vicky Liu '20 (3/7),

Leo Burman '20 (3/8),  Mr. KennEdy (3/10)

Announcements & Happenings

Co-Op This Week:

Mrs. Takiff Weiss’s H.R. and Ms. Novo's H.R.

This week, Mrs. Saint Hilaire's B4 is moved to the FCC Seminar and Mr. Soper's B2 will meet in the lecture hall.

The front entrance of Shallcross is closed due to construction - follow signs to enter through the lower level.