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     Julian Brenman ‘20 is honored and proud to serve FOCUS as Editor-In-Chief. In this role, he edits all articles that appear online and in print, mentors staff members, oversees all aspects of production, and plans and executes initiatives to increase and improve the impact of the publication. Julian joined the staff of FOCUS in September 2016, and entered into editorhood in April 2017. Julian has written more than fifty articles for FOCUS.

     Prior to joining FOCUS, Julian served on the staff of the Phoenix Inquirer from 2014 to 2016. When not immersed in Friends’ Central journalism, Julian enjoys composing music and going “down the shore” with his canine companion, Dolly Connie.

A Note From The Editor

Dear Reader,


Thank you so much for visiting our website! Please enjoy the thought-provoking articles, terrific photographs, and other tidbits you’ll find along the way. Remember, Focus is YOUR school newspaper. I encourage you to take advantage of the opportunities to submit articles, write letters to the editor, and share your opinions with any member of the Focus team. Your voice matters, and Focus is the perfect place to express it. Focus has a long, proud history of exemplary student journalism, and my goal as editor is to continue to deliver this while simultaneously driving us to our highest potential in the future. Join me.


Yours in journalism,


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