Max Marinelli '22, Reporter


    Max Marinelli is a current 9th grade student at FCS. He has been going to FCS since sixth grade after graduating Chestnutwold Elementary in Ardmore, PA. Max grew up in Philly and Delco for his entire life with his parents, Meaghan Geisheimer and Micah Marinelli, along with his two younger brothers, aged 12 and 7. Focus is his first time writing for a school newspaper. His most recent piece, “The Return of the Wentz Wagon,” will be his second-ever piece published for FCS. He has been writing since third grade when he published his first book, “The Bottom of the 9th.” He was nominated for the Young Authors Award for his piece, “A Walk to the Beach,” at the age of 9. Max has been writing ever since but just recently started to write extracurricularly. He is one of this year's sports writers for Focus. He enjoys watching and playing soccer, football, and baseball along with juggling, gaming, and hanging out with friends.

Personal Message & Writer's Statement:

Hello, I am Max Marinelli and thank you for reading my work. Your viewership and feedback is crucial and greatly appreciated. I hope you enjoyed my previous work and continue to enjoy my sports pieces. I write for the Bleed Green Nation, and if you are not part of it you may as well leave now.