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Artists in Focus: The Creative Pursuits of Nir Netz

By: Julian Duvivier ‘22, Arts and Technology Reporter 11-19-18

Twelfth grader Nir Netz ’19 has a love for art in many forms. He has been drawing since he was very young and is currently enrolled in Ms. Murphy’s Visual Arts Course. His pastimes include listening to music and reading comics, notably Page by Paige and Homestuck. Additionally he enjoys creative writing and has a fondness for nature, marine biology, and entomology.

Nir has worked in many different creative mediums. His most-studied medium is drawing with pencil and paper, but it is far from his only. He has an affinity for charcoal, pastels, and digital art tools such as Photoshop and Procreate, and has dabbled in many other areas of creative expression. The inspiration for his art often stems from his adoration of music. He has eclectic tastes spanning many genres and runs the Music Appreciation Club that meets every Friday from 1:15 - 1:50 in the Main building, room 20. He has tried his hand at composition, and is interested in composing electronic music (Ambient, Raggacore, Metalstep), though he feels that he lacks the time.

Though Nir finds enjoyment in more traditional studio art forms, he focuses his talent on sketching original characters. He showed me a series of these sketches and I was enamored by how interesting and personality-driven they all were. Alongside these, he let me look at a handful of action sketches he had done, each of which took about two minutes to draw. These are part of his dream to create an animated series, which would allow him to channel his many talents. He enjoys numerous animated shows such as Motor City, as well as many animated movies, including The Secret of Nimh and Coraline, which have inspired him and fueled his desire to animate.

Nir intends to continue his pursuits through art school and is currently looking at a number of possible colleges including the art schools MICA and MassArt, and the liberal art schools Bennington and Sarah Lawrence. He plans on continuing to create characters and pursue his goal of writing an animated series. He is seemingly on his way to becoming a success in the visual arts.

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