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Adios to Betsy Katzmann

My first impression of Betsy was a little odd. I came from a school in the city and Betsy was

on of the first teachers at FCS I encountered. They were a bit country for me. Not to say they were not over-the-top friendly, just not my type of people. But through deep conversations and spending more time with them than probably any other teacher of mine, I quickly learned that we weren’t all that different. Working day-to-day with Betsy became normal, because there would often be times I chose to work in their room just as a quiet space to get things done.

I found that Betsy brought a new perspective to the school, being non-binary as well as born and raised in the South. It shined a new light on some of the things we would have rather neglected to talk about due to being a school on the Main Line. Also, Betsy would always be willing to have tough conversations and talk through topics that may not necessarily have a definitive answer. That was important to me because in the past I have brought up some tough topics that other teachers may have not been willing to have an in-depth conversation about, but Betsy was there and open to it, always.

TO BETSY: Enjoy the other side of the desk. Even if it doesn’t seem to be good in any given moment, focus on the idea that as long as you do something in the long run that genuinely brings you happiness, it is all worth it in the end. Also, find every little joy in every single day. It makes life a lot better.

-An appreciative anonymous student

Betsy, “Betsaru” Katzmann,

You’ve brought such joy to our school over the past three years. You have a special, rare trait which allows you to connect with seemingly any person. You are always willing to listen, and have worked tirelessly to ensure that your students’ experiences both inside and outside of the classroom have been positive. Perhaps best of all, you’ve always been around to offer a smile or genuine hello.

Muchas Gracias, Betsy Katzmann. We will miss you.


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