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Black History Month- Focus Celebrates a Legacy of Greatness

Message From The Editor:

In addition to being widely recognized as an accomplished student leader, Student Council Vice President Kalila Jones ’19 is an extremely talented graphic artist. Last year, Kalila designed a poster that features drawings of 53 influential black artists and historical figures. This poster became an instant hit and remains on display on the walls of many classrooms on our campus. This year, Kalila has built on this success and drawn a new picture every day this month of a black female artist, author, or activist. To celebrate Black History Month, Focus invited Kalila to publish some of this work, with the goal of educating our readers about these important figures and giving all of you the privilege of viewing her stunning creations. Enjoy her marvelous work!

Kalila's drawing of Audre Lorde, who described herself as: "black lesbian, mother warrior poet."

Kalila's drawing of Amy Sherald, a portrait artist

Kalila's drawing of Kara Walker, a visual artist and filmmaker.

Kalila's drawing of Yara Shahidi, an actress, model, and activist.

What Does Black History Month Mean to FCS Community Members?

“It means giving a space to and centering a history that has been diminished and marginalized. Putting that at the center and privileging that history that has historically been dismissed.” -Ms. Kelleher

“Black History Month is a celebration of culture that isn’t always recognized or talked about or brought to attention by normal people in their regular lives. It’s just a celebration.”

-Blayre Walters ’21

“To be honest, it doesn’t really affect me whatsoever. I didn’t even know it was Black History Month. I think all races should be focused on every month, and it’s sad that doesn’t happen and that there is a need for Black History Month. African Americans aren’t focused on enough in society. It sucks that we need a month but it’s better than nothing. Hopefully, we’ll get to a stage where we don’t need a month because everyone’s culture will be reviewed equally and fairly. I will say that Friends’ Central does such a great job at covering African American history but I’m not sure about other schools because this is the only school I’ve been to.”

-Anonymous Student

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