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Buy a MANNA pie, Feed a Family

By: Vicky Liu ‘20, School News Writer

     If you’ve been on our campus recently, you’ve probably noticed how nearly every building's entrance is covered with posters about the Pie in the Sky fundraiser. Pie in the Sky is an annual event here at school that started at 8:30 a.m. on November second and will last until 5 p.m. on November 21st, when pies will be delivered and be ready for pick-up. By ordering a pie, you can feed your belly right before Thanksgiving and also help a family in need!

     The price of each pie varies between $30 to $35, and that money will not be wasted. Annie Roberts, a senior who is the leader of our special FCS MANNA project, explains that all funds raised will go to MANNA, a non-profit organization in Philadelphia that helps people in the Greater Philadelphia Area. MANNA will use the money to offer a pre-thanksgiving meal to sick people who have suffered from cancer, HIV/AIDS, diabetes, renal diseases and other severe illnesses. The pie service project brings warm and invaluable hope for people on Thanksgiving Eve.

     As of today, November tenth, FCS MANNA has already collected $3,090! When a great work is done, there are always devoted people working behind-the-scenes to make it happen. Annie tells me, “It really is a whole group effort from all of the service committee.” For those of you who enjoy seeing the detailed, and eye-appealing posters or who are going to get nourishingly tasty pies, Annie says that’s the work of Tristan Szapary ‘20 and Ben Miller ‘20 who are in charge of media relations. She also notes that Ms. Deborah Skapik, a science and homeroom teacher who serves as the faculty adviser to the club, has been an instrumental part of the project. Besides the diligent organizers, Annie appreciates all three divisions of Friends’ Central who have all donated to the cause. She explains, “MANNA is only regional, but in FCS it is so special because every year the whole community really contributes an effort to make the project a success.” Annie shares what it’s like working on the MANNA project. “Working with MANNA is so rewarding. It feels so good to know that my actions are helping other people in the world, especially folks in Philadelphia, the place I live in. Other people can sign up the service committee at the beginning of first semester, or you can sign up at anytime practically. We always could use more members!”


As of today, pumpkin, apple, pecan, sweet potato,and “sky pie” (chocolate cheesecake) are still on sale, so why not buy one with your classmates, friends, parents, or on your own to help achieve the goal towards 100 sweets sold? To order MANNA pies or learn more about the cause, click on the following link A tip for everyone: please do not miss this mouth-watering, unique, and helpful event this year!

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