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The New Cafeteria: On its Way to Being Better

By: Lily Hu

This year FCS partnered with a new company, Flik, for the cafeteria, and a lot of changes have been made. We have a new chef who used to work in the lower school, Chef Wadiya. Pre-made sandwiches are now available. A lovely yogurt bar was added. There are more kinds of drinks, fruit, and bagels, but there are fewer choices of cookies.

There are some changes that students like. Some prefer the drink choices we have this year. Some people favor the fresh yogurt. However, nothing can be perfect, and our cafeteria is not an exception. There are many things that students wish the new cafeteria could improve. Student Council has already met with the cafeteria director about some complaints.

One main problem that students are concerned with is the long waiting time. There are only two entree stations this year, instead of three, which we had last year. Fewer stations mean that more students need to wait longer in front of each station. As a result, getting an entree can take a long time, especially during late lunch, when more people are in the cafeteria. Students who don’t come to the cafeteria before other people and decide to get an entree get stuck in the line. When they finally get to sit down, others might be about to finish their lunch.

Fortunately, the cafeteria is aware of the situation and is trying to fix it. A Flik manager reveals the exciting news that the cafeteria might move to an all-inclusive, not a pay-as-you-eat, system. In this vision, students can grab whatever they like and just sit down to eat, which will be very convenient and efficient. Although the final decision has not been made by the cafeteria, the business office, and the parents, it is definitely an exciting idea that students might look forward to! Apart from that, the cafeteria is also working on making POS (point of sale) machines faster so that it takes students less time to pay with credit or debit cards.

Another complaint students made is that there is sometimes no vegetarian food. Vegetarian students who eat at school can only have pasta and salad. The cafeteria’s goal is to have a vegetarian option every day, and there are actually vegetarian foods prepared for people who ask for it. Nevertheless, the message hasn’t been successfully passed to vegetarian students, who are not aware of the situation. If necessary, the cafeteria will bring out vegetarian food again.

A message that a Flik manager wants to share with the whole community is, “we are here to serve you. We are doing the best that we can to make sure everyone gets something to choose from, and we are always open to new ideas or information.” The cafeteria is trying to make things work. To that end, what we as students can do is to actively communicate with the cafeteria about our feelings and ideas. If there is anything that we think the cafeteria should work on, we can talk to the Student Council. If we have comments on any dish, we can go to the Flik Dining Menu page on Veracross to give feedback. Let’s not wait for the cafeteria to be better. Let’s work together to make it better!

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