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Checking in on Those Who Check on Us

By: Christian Whitfield (Reporter ‘23)

Virtual FCS is in full effect now, and our school has been very successful in continuing to educate students. However, one of the things that we do not get from online school is the ability to connect with our security and physical plant staff every day. These members of our community are crucial in keeping Friends’ Central safe and looking great while we are all on campus together. Although they make our daily lives run smoothly, nothing compares to the warmth and familiarity that comes along with the personal greetings that the security staff give to each of us every morning. A nod or “hello” also serves to really brighten up the transition between classes. All of this left me wondering how these amazing people, who ordinarily help us so much in our lives, are doing, so I decided to get in touch with one of them.

I interviewed Lawrence (Larry) Moye, who has been working at Friends’ Central as a security guard for 17 years. He offered a wonderful statement that really showed how much he cares about us. Lawrence said, “Just seeing the students every day and making sure they are safe is a great responsibility. You watch them as young children until they become young adults. As of now, I can't imagine working anywhere else. The pandemic has brought change to all our lives. While some are sad...some have been good. I really miss the smiling faces of our students, faculty, and staff.”

It was also clear that Lawrence prioritizes our campus’ care. He stated, “I am on campus weekly keeping it safe and secure, waiting for everyone's return.” Even though students are not attending the school, our security and physical plant staff are still working on campus regularly to make sure that it is safe and well kept. Things like securing the buildings, cutting the grass, and tending to plants still need to be done, and we should be thankful that there are people completing these vital tasks.

Lawrence and his daughters

Lawrence performed a final kind gesture by taking the time to send a message to graduating and returning students as well as departing teachers. Here is what he had to say: “To our seniors, congratulations, and I wish you success in your future endeavors and always shoot for the stars. I hope that the future stays bright for us all as we prepare for the next coming school year. Good luck to all of our teachers, who will be continuing on elsewhere. Next year you will be missed. Congratulations to Beth and Alexa, and welcome to all the newcomers. To the rest of our student body, always do your best and become the best. I will always be here for you and will always have a listening ear for you.”

I was so touched that Lawrence thought of us during this pandemic because tragic deaths have occurred in his own life. Lawrence stated that he has lost several close friends to COVID-19. Thankfully, his close family members, who contracted the virus, have recovered and are doing well. Because of his close encounters with the disease, he asks that “Everyone please follow our state-mandated rules regarding safe distancing. Stay well and be safe - God bless everyone.” I agree with Lawrence, and I hope that we all maintain social distancing guidelines until we no longer have to. Let’s hold one another in the light and thank our generous staff for all that they do.

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