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Coffeehouse: Music and Merriment

By Christopher Samuel (Reporter, ‘26)

Coffeehouse is an annual event where students get to showcase their talent, often musical. At Coffeehouse this year, we had a slew of singing and instrumental performances, and a chilling recitation of a podcast episode. Of the musical acts, several were in duos, trios, or even larger groups. Each act was met with the loving admiration of the audience members. The event ran for just about an hour and a half (7:00 - 8:30 p.m.). Though many of the performers expressed their nervousness, the event went smoothly and was spellbinding to attend.

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Last year’s Coffeehouse was held in a gym that was much more spacious than the Shallcross cafeteria (where this year’s was held). Because of this, the atmosphere of this year’s Coffeehouse was much more intimate. While both were enjoyable, this Coffeehouse’s location did help to remove some of the stiffness that last year’s event may have had. A few students were interviewed, including one of the performers. When asked, the students reported that the mood of the event was calm and it felt like everyone was connected, and the event was cozy. It wasn’t only calm and cozy, though — it was also filled with creative energy.

The interviewed performer sang two songs. When asked about the experience, she said it was nerve-wracking, but not as difficult as she expected, and it was also a lot of fun to go up and perform. From the perspective of the average audience member, anyway, the showcases were awe-inspiring and demanded an intrigued silence. The only thing that could break this awed silence was the mundane action of sipping more of the free hot chocolate or eating the bake-sale items provided, which loosened the anxiety of the event, gave the audience something to do during the intermission between performances, and just gave attendees something tasty to eat and drink.

If you’re considering Coffeehouse next year, it is truly a cozy showcase of student talent. It’s a great chance to see what other students in the community are capable of, to meet up with friends and new acquaintances, and just to enjoy your Friday night. Plus, there’s hot cocoa and snacks! Hope to see you there next year!

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