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CoronaVirus Brings New Vocabulary

By Sophia David (Editor-in-Chief ‘21)

The Coronavirus has inarguably had many shocking impacts on our society. Aside from causing nearly every institution to shut down and mandating isolation for all, the arrival of the Coronavirus has led to the development of some novel vocabulary. Similarly to how the invention of the front facing camera on iPhones introduced the word “selfie” and the popular habit of mindlessly scrolling through the internet introduced the word “clickbait,” there is reason to believe that these vocabulary words will soon become an integral part of our language. In fact, each year, the Merriam-Webster Dictionary adds a selection of new words, and some of these words could even make the cut. To avoid being thought of as a “covidiot,” here are some words and their definitions with which to familiarize yourself. 

  1. Alonavirus (noun) - The state of being alone in isolation, which accompanies the Coronavirus Pandemic. 

  2. Carbio (noun) - Considering working out, but then instead eating carbs.

  3. Coronacation (noun) - What people say who are trying to make the best of their quarantine. 

  4. Moronavirus (noun) - Someone who doesn't follow the proper social distancing precautions.

  5. Rona (noun) - A nickname for the Coronavirus because 2 syllables is easier than 5. 

  6. Quaranteens (noun, plural) - The teens who are currently in quarantine.

  7. Quarentini (noun) - A martini made in quarantine. 

  8. Zoom-bombing (verb) - Entering someone else’s Zoom call without permission and causing a disruption.

  9. Zoom room (noun) - The only clean room or section of a room in your house reserved for Zoom calls.

  10. Zumping (verb) - Dumping a significant other over Zoom

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