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Cultivating Creativity Amidst Covid-19

By: Allison Foley ‘21 Reporter

It can be hard to find a silver lining in a time of such confusion and worry. Many would even say it feels like we have been locked in our homes for years, when really, it has been less than a month. We are going through a daunting global event, and although quarantine can seem isolating, some FCS students are finding ways to make use of this time to find new hobbies and discover their creative talents. 

Painting by Chloe Haines

Many students have been uncovering their artistic sides through various art forms. Senior Chloe Haines, has been painting, drawing, and making collages with different types of media. She said, “For me art is something pretty essential right now! It’s always been something I’ve enjoyed doing, but during quarantine it’s been one of the main ways I’ve been keeping busy and sane. It’s a way for me to de-stress and can also be a way to channel my emotions which has been really helpful during these hard times.” 

 In addition to visual art, some students, like junior Ian Duane, have been spending their time focusing on music. Ian has been able to create new music during quarantine and has even found a way to continue practicing with his band virtually, much like our virtual classes. 

Ian Duane and his Drums

One student has even been using this time to learn about her family history and ancestral line. Hallie Bender (‘21) has spent some time on learning about her heritage. She said “My dad and I have spent several hours each weekend researching our family history on, and we’ve found info all the way up to my great-great-great grandparents!” 

Despite the challenges COVID-19 has caused in our personal lives, it can be helpful to think about it as a time to cultivate creativity through boredom. Find the silver linings, even if they are as simple as drawing a picture or rearranging your room for a change of scenery. You may even discover a new talent of yours!

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