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De'Andre Hunter: FCS's National Champion

DeAndre, DeAndre, DeAndre. One has been able to hear the name echoing around the halls, in the meeting room, in the gyms, and through the fields for weeks now. In case you have been living under a rock, March Madness has become huge news amongst FCS students, staff, and faculty members. This is all thanks to De'Andre and the rest of UVA not only

making the tournament, but advancing up and through the Final Four. On Monday the 8, at around 9:15pm, the national championship between 3 Seed Texas Tech and 1 Seed UVA tipped off. The game was expected to be a close, low- scoring, defensive battle. This would end up not quite being the case in the end, as a game that was expected to total around 50 points per team ended tied at 68 before heading into OT. Not before De'Andre would hit his second clutch corner three to send the game into OT in the final seconds of regulation though. Virginia would go on to score an astounding 17 points in OT on their way to De'Andre's career high and a National Championship. This is an all- time storybook bounce- back ending, as UVA entered the tournament as a number 1 seed last year, but ended up losing to 16 seed UMBC in a historic loss. De'Andre Hunter now looks to enter the NBA draft as a possible lottery pick. Friends' Central has been abuzz in the days leading up to the championship, and has continued to into the following day. Supportive students stayed after school on Monday night to watch and cheer on their fellow graduate. They sent a message to De'Andre. This March Madness was filled with amazing, exciting, and historic games, and this national championship will remain in the hearts of the FCS Community for years to come.

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