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Emma Malone Wins Student Council Election--An Interview with our Soon-to-be President

By Jerry Yu ’19, Technology Reporter

FOCUS: What are your plans as new student council leader?

President-Elect Malone: My main goal is to focus on cultivating school spirit. Whether it be in the classroom, in theater productions, in sports… I just want the love for the school to be more widespread throughout the community.

Emma outside, all thumbs up. (Sevag Yepoyan '20)

F: What other plans do you have besides school spirit?

P-E M: In my speech I mentioned community meetings. In order to have school spirit we need to be a closely-knit community, and by meeting with all aspects of the community, different club leaders, team captains, athletes, people in theater, if I can meet with those people and those parts of the community, I’ll me able to then talk about how we can come closer and better FCS. If there are issues with those groups, it is my job to report to the administration.

F: Do you wish to expand on the “Meeting for Business (MFB)?” Are there any changes you wish to make?

P-E M: Currently, the Agenda Committee is working on making MFB more interactive. The students will have more of a say about what MFBs will be. I do want to work with Agenda Committee to continue the tradition of MFBs because it is a good way to create community. I want people to be excited for MFB, so I wish we can talk about different things, from how we can manage stress to school events.

F: Do you think that the student-teacher relationship can be improved?

P-E M: I personally think that the students at Friends’ Central are lucky to have the relationship they have with the teachers and I think that for me, to change curriculum the teachers provide is out of my jurisdiction. I want to, however, find ways to how stress can be relieved. Maybe [I’ll] talk to Ms. Beth about how we can make sure that all teachers are on the same schedule and there are no waves of work and weeks where is no work. I do think that there are ways us students can make it easier ourselves, and I think that learning how to time-manage and how to manage classes are important. [I’ll] work with class council, Ms. Beth or Mr. Mac to figure out a way that communication between us as students and then us and teachers can be clearer.

F: Are you thinking about a new platform so that even students cannot make it to the Tuesday early-morning meeting can learn about changes in the Student Council?

P-E M: I’m working on creating, once a month, holding more accessible Student Council Meetings, like during Tuesday's Community or Special Block time. I have to discuss with Ms. Beth regarding using Special Blocks, but I want to be able to make a time for the students who can’t come to regular meetings to learn about what’s going on and give feedback.

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