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From The Editor: Tribute to Mr. Mac

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

From The Editor’s Desk:

The expression, “kindness makes the world go round” may be aged, but it surely still rings true. Here at Friends’ Central, we are tremendously fortunate to have among us a man who is kinder than kind. Somebody who will drop whatever he may be doing to help somebody else, somebody whose door and mind is always open for discussion, and somebody who gives everyone a listening ear. This man is Mr. Tom MacFarlane, our esteemed Dean of Students. Though Focus is always grateful for Mr. MacFarlane’s consistent support of our publication, this past month, his act of generosity was particularly touching. In the midst of the Christmas season during which UPS was overwhelmed with an enormous amount of shipments, the package containing the last batch of our newspapers was lost in the system and never delivered to the school. Upon hearing this, Mr. MacFarlane dropped his loaded agenda of classes and meetings to endure the half-hour-drive from our campus to the UPS Sorting Center to retrieve our package, just so we could distribute our issue on time. Purely out of the goodness of his heart. Mr. MacFarlane, we can’t thank you enough for this remarkable act, and for the unwavering support you provide us each and every day. We are so deeply appreciative.

Yours in journalism,

JB ‘20, on behalf of the entire Focus staff

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