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Godspell: an Indoor Musical

By Aria Fiorillo (Reporter, ‘25)

When we performed The Cherry Orchard on the grassy stage of the oval back in the fall, we were shivering “backstage” (behind the two dividers put up on either side of the grass), and our teeth were chattering onstage as we said our lines. As a member of the band, my fingers were freezing while I played the harp, making it incredibly difficult to perform. By the end of the performance, the audience was bundled up and turning blue…

But this season, things will be different! We are performing Godspell—indoors! I’d describe Godspell as fun, hippie, and Jesus-y, but you will have to see for yourself how the three come together. There are many technical advantages to being indoors, as Stella Ruggiero (‘25) points out: “There are definitely benefits to outdoor theatre. For example, because of the ability to not wear a mask, you’re easier to understand… but there were definitely parts of doing The Cherry Orchard outside that I don’t envy. The predictability of being inside is something I appreciate a lot.” Stella mentioned how, when we were performing The Cherry Orchard outside, we didn’t have to wear masks and thus it was easier for the audience to understand what was going on. Performing indoors has its own advantages in the audio department, as it allows the actors to better hear each other and get their cues more easily.

I am excited to finally perform on the stage in the meeting room! Performing on a stage in a theater gives the actors and the audience the special ambiance of a show that is missing from an outdoor performance. Also, being indoors provides more flexibility for the set design, since you do not have to transport the pieces outside—and, I must say, Godspell’s set looks absolutely incredible! I am looking forward to the warmth and the fun of performing indoors!

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