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Important Statement From Upper School Leadership

In response to the slur written on the artwork of three Middle School students', we quote from our school philosophy: We intentionally seek a wide spectrum of diversity in our School community. We respect unreservedly that diversity and strive to enhance and support it. Diversity influences how we teach, learn, and communicate. It enriches the community and furthers understanding that each human life is intrinsically valuable and interrelated, one with another. Also, from the Diversity and Inclusivity section of our website, we quote: Friends? Central School is committed to building and maintaining an inclusive and diverse community. All constituencies - faculty, staff, students, administrators, parents, trustees, and alumni/ ae - are responsible for an awareness of and ongoing dialogue around equity issues of race and ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, privilege, religion, physical ability, and family structure. Our commitment is based on Quaker testimony and practice in which we honor each perspective and life experience. Through an intentional curriculum and differentiated methods of teaching, we seek to empower and engage all traditionally marginalized groups. Our community as a whole benefits when we listen and involve a broader range of voices. We stand by these statements and join our Middle School community as we all begin the process of healing.


Mrs. Beth D. Johnson '77, Principal

Mr. William Kennedy, Assistant Principal

Mr. Thomas MacFarlane, Dean of Students

Mrs. Heather P. Tomes, Student Affairs Coordinator and Counselor

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