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Life Without the Cafeteria

By: Sophia David (Editor-in-Chief ‘21)

Among countless things that have made the 2020-2021 school different from any other is the lack of a school cafeteria. The COVID safety benefits of not serving food in the cafeteria are clear. There are fewer crowds of people waiting to purchase their food, grades are prevented from intermixing, and the 12th grade can use the cafeteria as a pod space. However, a lot of students are sad that the school does not have a cafeteria this year. 45% of students who responded to the Google Form on the subject say that they miss the cafeteria, 30% do not feel strongly about the question, and only 25% do not miss the cafeteria. Forced to bring food from home, many students and teachers have had to adjust to yet another “new normal,” waking up just a little bit earlier or remembering the night before to pack a lunch.

Allison Foley '21

Ruby Kauffman-Rosengarten (‘21) doesn’t mind this: “I think it’s so fun to plan out my lunch the night before. It’s a good activity and gives me something to look forward to the next day!” Other students, like Anne McCammon (‘21), say that not much has changed. “I’ve always packed my lunch anyway.”

One challenge that we are likely all facing is choosing food to pack that is not repetitive, is not boring, and does not require a microwave. Casper Hoffmann (‘21) says, “I get sick of packing sandwiches so I’ve been trying to pack leftovers more often.” Charlie Szwartz (‘21), however, does not mind repetition. “My lunch every single day is comprised of tofu, pickles, chips, fruit, and chocolate. Make fun of me if you wish, but I’ve been running with that for my whole life and it’s worked out well.”

Lily Selkow '21

Are you struggling with lunch ideas? Here is some inspiration from other students, who shared their favorite foods to pack:

Hallie Bender (‘21): Carrots and humus, gluten free oreos, and granola bars.

Sonya Wilkerson (‘22): A sandwich with tomatoes, pesto, and mozzarella cheese

Anna Gullace (‘21): Pasta

Aderyn Baker (24): Uncrustables or a hummus wrap

Ruby Kauffman-Rosengarten (‘21): Leftovers, specifically curry and stir fry

Jared Miller (‘22): Meat sandwiches

Anne McCammon (‘21): Quesadillas and grilled cheese sandwiches

Sammy Darling (‘21): Chicken soup

Sydney Horenstein (‘21): Fruit and sandwiches

Phoebe Rotondo (‘21): Pita chips and peanut butter

Kate Dewey (‘21): Anything from Wawa

Casper Hoffmann (‘21): leftover pasta

Liam Gizster (‘21): Cheez Its

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