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Mask Up FCS

By: Allison Foley (Reporter ‘21)

Since the return to in-person school, staying masked has been essential. Students and teachers wear masks to protect themselves and one another, and so far, Friends’ Central students have done their parts by taking masking seriously. Though it can be strange to see only half of our teachers and classmates’ faces, it's a constant reminder of a small way we can keep each other safe, and slow the spread of COVID-19.

Carolyn Walsh '22

Some students and teachers have even taken to wearing two masks. In response to the entrance of new COVID-19 variants in the United States, Dr. Anthony Fauci has recommended that people wear more than one layer, as doing so is over 90% effective in protecting against the virus. With this new advice, many students and teachers have decided to double up, wearing a surgical mask underneath a fabric one, or choosing to wear thicker masks. Here are some students double masking!

Masks are for function, but Friends’ Central Students have found a way to make them fun, too. When walking through campus, students can be seen wearing masks in all different colors and patterns, some even in coordination with their outfits. Some people wear homemade masks made with fun, patterned fabric, while others choose to stick with more simple solid colored masks. Leah Anderson (‘21) brought her mask fashion to a new level with a sequined mask. Ruby Kauffman-Rosengarten showed up in a hot pink patterned mask.

Ruby Kauffman-Rosengarten '21
Leah Anderson '21

No matter the mask, I am thankful to be part of a community that understands the importance of these face coverings and is devoted to doing whatever it takes to keep one another protected. Keep up the good work, FCS. Keep wearing your masks, whether they’re covered in flowers and colors or just plain and simple surgical masks.

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