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Meet Kayla: A New Makerspace Director

By Sophia David and Natalie Neuhaus

This fall Kayla Camacho, a recent graduate of Swarthmore college, has become one of our two makerspace directors. We interviewed them to learn a little more about them.

Focus: What did you do before you came to FCS?

Kayla: I was in college. I went to Swarthmore and majored in engineering.

F: What made you interested in the makerspace?

K: When I was in high school and middle school, I had a fascination with this kind of work. I became interested in engineering in high school, but I didn’t experience anything like the makerspace until now. I thought it was a really great opportunity, and the resources that FCS has to really bring out this type of program were really unusual and exciting. I think a lot more people would be more interested in engineering if people had more exposure to materials and the domains felt more accessible.

F: What do you think is so important about engineering, and how has it helped you grow?

K: I was drawn to engineering because it is skill-based and trade-based as opposed to being very theoretical. I think empowering people to be able to think of solutions to problems and think of ways to implement those solutions is very central to engineering in a broad sense. I think the ability to think creatively to solve problems is something that everyone has and should be encouraged in students.

F: How are you liking FCS so far?

K: It's very lovely. Everyone is very welcoming. I feel like in the time I have been here (since I started after the year began), so many students and teachers have come up to me and offered me advice and explained things, which has been really nice.

F: What is your favorite part of the makerspace?

K: I am a big fan of the laser cutter.

F: Do you have any hopes for the makerspace in the future?

K: Getting more people in the maker space and having more long-term projects in the maker space is something I would be really excited about, whether that be paired with a class or a makerspace-centered class.

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