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Athlete InFocus: Micah Trusty, Runner Extraordinaire

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

By Miles Johnson ‘19, Reporter 1-7-19

Micah Trusty ‘22, who is in her first year at Friends’ Central School, has already created a name for herself as an up-and-coming runner. Micah is currently on the school’s indoor track team and plans run outdoor track in the spring. Despite Micah’s age, she has received a multitude of accolades in just her first year of cross country at FCS. Micah received all Friends’ League honors, first team all-state honors, as well as most-improved player on the school team. She has been running since age eight, but didn’t start running competitively until she was eleven, for the Infinity Track Club.

From an early age, it’s been evident to Micah that she can’t succeed without solid work ethic and determination. She became interested in track because she wanted to see how far she could go and discover the things of which she is capable. When I asked why she is so passionate about the sport, she told me, “I love that track gives me confidence and humility. Running allows me to express myself through my God-given gift. Track has always been my passion. When I was younger I loved to race my classmates. Track has always made me feel accomplished.” Micah elaborated that running gives her a sense of pride of the special gift she has, as well as of the hard work she has devoted. Both of these factors have resulted in her achievements thus far.

Izzy MacFarlane ‘20, who has been running track at FCS for over half a decade, and who is now a teammate of Micah’s, offered high praise of her fellow runner. Izzy shared, “Micah is like the sweetest girl in the world, first of all. She is so nice and so humble. She is just bursting with talent. She is so talented and she works so hard. As a runner, when I watch her run, she looks so comfortable, you just want to keep watching her because she is so amazing. She is a great asset to our team, and we are so glad she is with us.” Regarding Micah’s future, Izzy only offered one comment: “I see big things!”

With the unwavering support of her coaches and teammates, in addition to her incredible talent and commitment, we are sure the future is bright for Micah Trusty.

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