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The Amazing Miss Miranda: Our Beloved Substitute

By Katia Campos, School News and Features Reporter 1-14-18

Make way Spider-Man, there’s a new hero in town! This hero is faster than the speed of light, and mightier than a machine. Who is this, you ask? A bird? A plane? No! It’s Miss Miranda, an amazing educator who substitutes for a plethora of teachers in the FCS Lower, Middle, and Upper Schools. She has been with us through thick and thin, and we all want to thank her in a special way.

Photo by Lydia Varcoe-Wolfson '19

Focus reporters interviewed Miss Miranda to get a little view of her world. “I studied Speech and Hearing Science at Temple University before subbing at FCS, and now I teach here and all across the Philadelphia School District as a substitute,” she shared. When asked if she always had the sense that teaching was going to be her job, she replied, “In a way- I always knew that I wanted to have a profession that served young people and I remembered all of the outstanding (and not-so-outstanding) teachers I had throughout my education. I know it might be a little corny, but I often think of the statement, ‘Be the person you needed when you were younger.’” This delightful quote is a perfect reminder for everyone. When you see someone who is asking for help, Miss Miranda says to think about yourself in that situation and try to help him or her. She certainly models that heroic behavior each and every day.

Some of Miss Miranda’s favorite moments of teaching occur when she sees that little light bulb go off in students’ heads. “[I love] when they have that ‘A-ha!’ moment after they understand a new or difficult concept. Learning new things is not always easy, but for what it’s worth, it was worth the struggle.” Miss Miranda never wants to offend classroom teaches, but did admit that she “loves hearing students say ‘YES!’ after finding out they have a substitute for a day.” Yes indeed, Miss Miranda, we love it when you sub for our classes.

Reporters asked Miss Miranda what classes she enjoys subbing for the most. She explained, “I really enjoy subbing for History and Foreign Language classes because they are my favorite subjects! [In subjects such as] mathematics, I am always interested in subbing because they are always rewarding for me. I enjoy watching students solve problems and even teach me a few new things as well.”

Miss Miranda mentions a quote from a Regina Spektor song that she says helps her get through long, tough days: “‘Love what you have and you’ll have more love.’ A lot of the time, we are searching for something new. Something different. Whether it be from ourselves or others. We tend to forget the many unique and special qualities that make us who we are. I think about this quote when I need to remind myself that I a very fortunate and doing the best I can.”

When Miss Miranda isn’t in the schoolroom, she’s outside biking, and/or playing saxophone.

Miss Miranda, we are truly lucky to have such a wonderful substitute. You are always so kind and energetic, and many of us FOCUS reporters and staff have experienced that firsthand when you substituted for our classes. Thank you for your time and for all that you teach us!

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