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Ms. K's New Baby!

By Berlinda Beauvais (Reporter '23)

Our Upper School English teacher Ms. Kelleher had a second baby in May! He is a beautiful baby boy named Kodiak Harrigan, or “Kodi.” Kodiak has a sibling, a little girl named Baxter, and Mrs. K loves to watch them interact. Her oldest is a sweet big sister who is always looking out for Kodi, and Kodi watches her like she is the most interesting person on the planet. When Baxter first met her new baby brother, she was so excited to hold him and do cute little acts like tucking him in at bedtime or handing him a toy to play with. Needless to say, having her second child has changed her life. She quotes, “My heart grew! It can be a little harder to get out of the house quickly, but I love that my kids already seem to be attached to each other. I’m surprised constantly by how similar they are in some respects (they look just alike and are both not great sleepers), but also how their personalities are already wildly distinct. Baxter is super independent and always has been and Kodi is sweet and sensitive and very attached to me.” She has savored being on maternity leave. She cherishes her baby snuggles, being there every time they wake in the morning and from naps, and being able to be the one who feeds them, rocks them, and tucks them in for naps and bed. It feels like a special time for her.

In spite of wholesome baby snuggles, she is also excited to return to campus on the week of Thanksgiving for a couple reasons. She likes the idea that her children can see that their mother has a career and how it might influence their understanding of family roles, plus, it has been a long time since she has been able to be on campus and connect with people, and she misses being in a classroom and discussing books and writing. While she loves reading baby books to her kids, she is looking forward to going over books that are more sophisticated and cause her to use her brain more creatively. And there is a bonus! Kodi was born just a few months before Monty’s son and Mr. Fogel’s son, and she hopes that in the future they will all be Friends’ Central classmates and friends.

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