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Ms. Maryclaire D’Orazio on Finding Her Professional Purpose

By: Max Marinelli ‘22

I was given the pleasure of interviewing Ms. Maryclaire D'Orazio, our beloved Upper School Administrative Assistant for this edition of FOCUS. As expected, Maryclaire was a joy to talk with, and our conversation felt like just that, a conversation. When asked about the transition from working in the Dining Hall to working in the office, Ms. Maryclaire said that although she cannot see each and every student for short periods of time, she is now able to have genuine conversations with students and staff. For those of you who don’t know where Maryclaire’s office is, it is located on the second floor of the Main Building next to Room 24. Please feel free to visit with any questions, or just for a chat. I was told that students can come to ask for IDs and other lost possessions, for help with schedules, to sign in and sign out, and everything in between.

Maryclaire explained that she also has a lot of work outside the office; chasing people down on a daily basis, which seemed tiring to me, but the always-energetic Maryclaire assured me that, when working in the office, “It’s the best day every day.” She loves talking with all the students and staff, and, instead of feeling confined as someone may feel at a traditional office job, Maryclaire has felt free, missing cafeteria work “just a little.” Finally, Maryclaire feels she has found what she wants to do with her life, remarking, “I’ve found what I want to be just in time to retire soon.” Remembering that many people may never find this professional fulfillment throughout their entire lives fills me with a lot of joy for Maryclaire, as no one is more deserving. Her endless generosity embraces all who have the pleasure of experiencing her in their daily lives. She wants the students to know that she “loves them all to death,” and, although she feels that may sound weird, I think it’s extremely sweet and sums up Maryclaire perfectly. During my interview alone, I was offered orange juice and pastries.

For those who don’t have any questions, don’t fret, because there’s another sweet excuse to visit Ms. Maryclaire, or even just to step in to say hello. She always has candy on her desk. I can certainly attest to daily visits for a candy boost, but also because I always leave with a smile on my face after talking to Maryclaire. Maryclaire always radiates the best type of positive energy, and I can safely say she is equally beloved by students and staff alike. You can count on leaving the office with a smile on your face and a piece of candy in your cheek.

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