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Pajamas: Appropriate School Attire?

By Katia Campos ‘22

It appears as though we have something strange going on here at Friends’ Central. No, it’s not the food or the fact that we eat during class or call our teachers by their first names. It’s the clothes. If you take a good look around campus, you’ll notice many students wearing everyday clothes, such as skirts or khakis. Yet, chances are, you’ll also spot a fair amount of students in pajamas--when it’s not even pajama day! FOCUS reporters set to work immediately on trying to find out what’s going on clothes-wise at FCS.

When we had asked Sra. Socorro about her opinion on students wearing pajamas, she said, “It usually doesn’t bother me because it does not call for a lot of attention. It’s not a fashion show.” Many other teachers responded with the same answers. “I think that it's important to remember though, that we should, to a certain limit, care about what we wear. It expresses who we are and it usually doesn’t bother people,” said Mr. Soper.

Other students who like to dress in everyday casual clothing such as jeans and sweaters have stated that their reasons for doing so are because they don’t want to appear like a slob. One speaker who wanted to remain anonymous stated the following: “I like the idea of dressing in pajamas, just at home though, unless it’s pajama day at school. I don’t like people seeing me looking like that.” Students who dress in sweat pants have reported that they feel more comfortable in that form because it shows who they are as a person without having to go far lengths to have a good appearance. “If you really want to wow someone, just show up to school with the best you can be. That’s means answer all the questions, shine all you can,” Leo Burman ’20 said. “I go to school in pajamas at least six times a month and the reason for this is because I want to go to school in the most comfortable way possible.” From all of these quotes, we gather that comfort seems to be what most students here are looking for.

I believe it’s important to acknowledge that it doesn’t really matter what people wear. It can and also cannot define who we are. If you really want to know how we feel on the inside, just ask us. There might be more to us on the inside than you ever thought there could be, no matter if we’re in PJs or a suit and tie.

Cathy and Lily: Comfy in Science Class (Editor JB '20)

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