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Prom: Save the Date!

By Berlinda Beauvais (Reporter ‘23)

April 30: save the date, as junior and senior prom is right around the corner! From dresses to prom-posals, lots of preparations and appointments are being made for this big day. This will be the last prom for our lovely seniors, and the first prom for our amazing juniors!

There is an FCS prom dress Instagram page consisting of both senior and junior dresses—shoutout to @FCSpromdresses22. Previews of some of the dresses that will be worn at prom appear on this page. Many people are shopping at David’s Bridal, where I also bought my dress after booking an appointment.

Here is some information on what is to be expected: Recently, the Prom Committee sent out an email regarding what students would prefer as their dining experience. Rumor has it that there might be a sit-down dinner with friends or a special someone, or perhaps Hearty Hors D'Oeuvres & Dinner Stations, which sounds just as fancy. Make sure to fill out the form so you can help decide the outcome of this year’s dining experience. An important and exciting change from last year is that, as of now, fully-vaccinated, out-of-school guests can now attend.

I asked three juniors about their views on prom. Cooper Johnson says “[he is] excited about having prom in the museum [Academy of Natural Sciences] because [he has] a strong fascination and interest in dinosaurs.” Oslo Crowley says they already experienced a prom preview from their two older sisters who attended FCS, and they are looking forward to living a similar experience with their friends. Melania Diah says that she loves prom, and she is also looking forward to getting ready with friends.

There are just two weeks until prom! Save the date!

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