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Savannah Lopez ‘20 Returns From Semester In Canada

By Sophia David ‘21, Reporter


In early February, Savannah Lopez ’20 returned from a semester spent in Toronto, Canada

Happy Savvanah just days after her return (Lydia Varcoe-Wolfson '19)

with her family. There, she attended Blyth Academy. I recently had the opportunity to ask her some questions about her experience. Our conversation is transcribed below:

Focus: What made you want to go to Canada?

Lopez: That’s a hard question. I think the opportunity came up, and it seemed cool to get out of my daily routine and experience a new culture. A lot of people think that Canada and the US are similar, but there really is a big difference.

F: How did the opportunity come up?

L: My family and I were looking for a change in our routines. My dad is from Spain, so we originally wanted to go to Barcelona. They thought it would be way too chaotic because Spain is so far away. We have family friends who live in Toronto. We went to visit a first time and I didn’t really like it, but when we visited a second time and I sat in on a school, I loved it.

F: What were some of the biggest differences?

L: Generally, people on the street are so much nicer than they are in America. You can really see a big difference in how they care about each other. In terms of school, I was going to an interesting school where you have two classes for eight weeks for two and a half hours. You are very immersed in the subject. For the first week, I would get home and be so tired. It’s an interesting way to learn because it’s a lot at once, but I find that you can learn better that way.

F: What were some of your favorite things to do in the city?

L: It was really fun living in a city in general because here I live in the suburbs. There were always different events going on. When it was warmer, in the fall, the streets would be blocked off, and you could rent bikes and ride them. The public transportation system was really good. We would take the subway to go anywhere.

F: What’s the biggest change coming back to Friends’ Central?

L: Schoolwise, it’s weird having so many classes. It’s also just been crazy to adjust to seeing so many familiar faces again. Its nice, but there’s a bittersweet feeling coming back. Honestly, the biggest thing is the keycards. Overall, I am really excited to see all my friends again.

F: Is there anything else you would like to share about this?

L: For anyone who is thinking of doing something out of the ordinary that seems scary, they should do it. Good experiences come when you’re not expecting them, and it’s important to step out of your comfort zone.

Though Savannah had an enriching experience in Toronto, we at Friends’ Central are so happy to have her back. Welcome home, Savannah!

-The Focus Staff

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