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Sending Pointless Mass E-mails: STOP

In light of the recent wave of the puke- worthy emails that have been sent to the ENTIRE student body penned by *certain* members of our community, FOCUS reached out to our assistant principal, Mr. William "Bill" Kennedy, about his opinion on the matter. His response is as follows:

"Students should not be sharing silly mass emails with everyone else. It clogs up everybody?s inbox, and it's inappropriate use of the school network.? When our editor pressed Mr. Kennedy about what students should expect if they continue to send such nonsensical electronic messages, he revealed, ?Maybe [the consequences] won?t be as funny as the emails- - that is yet to be seen.? One student sent an email indicating that he lost his computer and another that she misplaced her lunchbox. One junior, He Who Shall Not Be Named, even utilized G- Mail to alert the whole Upper School that he lost his sanity. His sanity. While we sympathize with this young man, one thing remains clear: he shouldn't have sent this inappropriate mass email."

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