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Senior College Process

By Melania Diah (Reporter ‘23)

It’s that time of the year for the class of 2022: application deadlines are quickly approaching as college is just around the corner. Austin Vines (‘22) is one of our seniors who is finalizing his applications and touring colleges to find the perfect fit for himself. With the help of his college counselor, Andrea Pein, Austin has navigated through the process with ease. I asked him some of the burning questions that non-seniors have about college preparation so that he could help the proceeding classes.

Austin is intending to major in computer engineering and is looking at colleges such as Howard University and Temple University, to name a few. When asked about the complexity of the college process, he confidently claimed, “It was not that much of a challenge. I just had to make sure that I stayed on top of items that were due. The college process puts a lot of responsibility on you, so you need to have the ability to manage your time.” He was able to meet all of his deadlines by being proactive in the process, attributing his dedication to

his drive for getting into a good college. As for whether he felt prepared for college, Austin replied, “I honestly think so. Friends’ Central has done a good job as a school to where I feel comfortable wherever school I go to.” Not only does his opinion stem from his comfort in his academic skills, it’s also based on his ability to adapt to unfamiliar situations. Lastly, I asked him about the importance of college tours: “Touring colleges is the best way to get the feel of the campus and know more about the place you will attend for four years. Take the time to understand every aspect of the college, ask questions, and learn more about what the campus has to offer.” Honestly, knowing what you are getting into before committing is smart. You do not want to over-commit and then realize the college you have chosen was a mistake.

Austin’s experience with the college process was on the positive side of the spectrum. Though his experience does not sum up the experience of all the seniors, his positive outlook should serve as inspiration for students who are nervous about the process. He wanted to reassure students that as long as they are determined, they will find a positive outcome. The college counselors are there as resources to aid students through senior year, and future seniors should do their best to utilize them and make the most out of the process.

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