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Senior Goodbyes

The Focus staff would like to take this opportunity to thank our many dedicated seniors. The paper will not be the same without you next year!

Sophia David


Thank you so very much for everything you’ve done for FOCUS over your high-school career! You’ve brought an incredibly friendly and bubbly attitude to each and every meeting and, as a result, helped welcome many younger writers to the club and continued to encourage them in their reporting endeavors. Despite the various challenges this difficult year has brought, you have adapted the paper, improving the consistency of FOCUS’s publishings and further establishing its online presence. Nearest to me, you spent the last year training me to take on the role of editor this year, selflessly taking time out of your summer to begin our work together early and proceeding to helpfully communicate with me throughout the school year. We will certainly miss you, your dependability, your irreplaceable energy, and your novel implementations to the club. Though I greatly look forward to taking on my role as editor-in-chief next year, FOCUS will assuredly not feel the same without you. Thank you once again for all that you’ve done for FOCUS and me throughout high school, and I wish you nothing but the best in college and beyond!

— Max

Natalie Neuhaus

Thank you for keeping us on track, Natalie! Your organization and communication skills made you an important member of our Focus team. Ever the team player, you took on any article that needed to be written (in addition to bringing plenty of your own fresh ideas). Your reporting kept Focus readers informed about what was happening on campus and in our community. Best of luck next year in college!

Aiden McLean

Aiden, you’ve brought a wealth of media knowledge to Friends’ Central over the past few years! Thank you for your informative movie, music, and video game reviews. Your suggestions in the form of top ten lists and other rating systems gave Focus readers great recommendations. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors!

Allison Foley

Thank you, Allison, for helping us keep up with and make sense of masks, hybrid-learning, college admissions in a pandemic and more. Your reporting took on big topics, your finger clearly on the pulse of our community. This was nowhere more apparent than in your articles about how we here at FCS were able to continue realizing our mission while confronting the Covid crisis. Best of luck in college next year!

Lydia Wilcox

Lydia, as an engaged team member immediately upon arriving at FCS two years ago, your political and social reporting for Focus illustrated a keen awareness of important current events and did an excellent job of keeping all of us keyed into the national landscape. Thank you for sharing your passion for politics with us! May you find the perfect environment in which to cultivate that passion in college!

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