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Senior Projects: The Class of 2021’s Final Months at FCS

By: Natalie Neuhaus ‘21 (Communications Coordinator)

When the end of April hits you may notice your classes get smaller and an absence on campus or your Zoom screen. Every year FCS seniors take part in a month-long senior project, a time devoted solely to seniors and their interests. Seniors propose projects and then get the opportunity to pursue whatever they are interested in. This year, like many things, senior projects may look a bit different. Many students may have to rethink their initial ideas to ensure their project is Covid safe. I spoke with seniors Sophia David, Phoebe Rotondo, and Margot Sissell to get a sense of what their experience with senior projects has been so far.

Art by Lavinia Wang '22

I first asked the three seniors what they had been thinking about doing for their projects and if Covid has impacted their ideas. Sophia told me, “Covid has surprisingly not actually impacted my senior project idea at all, which I know is super lucky! Over the summer I started working for a Neuroscience/Network Science lab at UPenn, and for my project I am planning to continue working in the lab, except it will be full time. All the work I do is virtual. I have a lot of calls with people to work on a couple of research projects, and I don't think any of this will change for my senior project. I do think I will have more time to attend the lab meetings, which I have not been able to do during the school year.” Phoebe told me that she is planning to work with an artist in Philly to create a mural and because it will be outside and is Covid safe. Finally, Margot explained, “Currently, my plan is to help at an alcoholic recovery center. Covid is impacting this because doing something indoors and in-person, with people who might not have the same safety practices as me, could be risky.”

It can be hard to be excited about much right now, but Sophia, Phoebe and Margot expressed their excitement and optimism when discussing the months ahead. Phoebe said, “I am looking forward to working with a full time successful artist.” Phoebe also told me that she is looking forward to doing something cool for her hometown before she leaves for college, as murals are such a big part of Philadelphia’s culture. Sophia said, “I am just excited to have more time to dedicate to my research. It has been kind of stressful to work on it at the same time as school because I always have a lot of homework; so without school, I will have so much time for it. I think I'll be able to get so much more done and feel much more relaxed.” Margot expressed that she really hopes she will be able to do work in a recovery center as her senior project because she wants to be able to help people who are struggling with alcohol abuse.

Although more senior projects may have to be virtual, there is no doubt that the class of 2021 will find a way to make the most out of their last moments at FCS.

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