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So Long to Mr. Rosenbaum

By: JB '20, Editor- in- Chief

Many families choose a school for their child based on the quality of the teachers, while some cite athletic programming or location as their reason for selection. Yet, here at FCS, I've heard more than a few students proudly exclaim that the feature of our community that really "sealed the deal" when they came to our school was our fantastic cafeteria. While it's true that the large room on the first floor of Shallcross has always provided delectable culinary masterpieces, the truly charistic aspect of our Dining Hall is how, for virtually every teen or adult on campus, it serves as a joyful and relaxing refuge from the hustle and bustle of our classrooms and gymnasia. This unique and cheerful atmosphere didn't magically appear from outer space. The longstanding success of our cafeteria is due in large part to our dedicated Director of Dining Services, Mr. Chris Rosenbaum. For nearly three decades, Mr. Rosenbaum has given his time, energy, and leadership to our school. He has been instrumental in instituting a multitude of innovative food programs, and perhaps most notably, played a substantial role in supervising the milestone 2018 renovation of Shallcross Hall. Mr. Rosenbaum, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts (and stomachs) for your kind service to our community. You will be missed by all, but your delicious legacy will be savored here for years to come.

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