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“So, So, Great” -- A Note from the Editor Celebrating with Mr. Morris

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of this hectic month of March, the FOCUS staff takes a moment to extend our most hearty congratulations to Mr. Morris, who became a first-time grandfather earlier this month. Mr. Morris reports that at approximately six pounds strong, Sophie made a beautiful entrance into the world, and both mother and daughter are happy and healthy. On a personal note, I can’t recall a time during which I’ve witnessed anybody smile more glowingly than when Mr. Morris returned to school the day after his new granddaughter was born. That Wednesday at 8:25am, he opened the door to FCC 225, walked excitedly to the front of the room, and pronounced with an ear-to-ear grin, “I’m a granddad! This is so, so great.” Mr. Morris, we wish you, your wife, your daughter, her husband, and most of all, their new daughter all of the gladness in the world. With you as her grandad, we know that baby will be making two-column proofs when she is still in diapers, and she’ll be doing Debate and Mock Trial before she reaches Kindergarten! Again, we are beyond joyous and share in this remarkable time for you and your family. This is, indeed, “so so great.”

Yours in Journalism,

JB ’20, on behalf of the Friends’ Central School Community

(Photo creds to Party Paradise)

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