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Spirit Week 2020:A Major Success

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

By Lydia Wilcox ’21, Reporter


Spirit Week 2020 was a huge success. The week went out with a bang on Saturday with Friends’ Central’s first-ever Snowcoming. Spirit week was made even better with four straight wins from the basketball team on Friday. Congratulations to both teams for their outstanding games! This year’s spirit week had a different theme each day, beginning on Tuesday with pajama day. Everyone on campus was dressed in their most comfortable clothes and slippers. Impressively, everyone still managed to make it through a whole school day dressed in pajamas without falling asleep. On Wednesday, the halls were filled with students and teachers alike showing their appreciation for their favorite sports teams. Jerseys were proudly displayed repping a multitude of sports and teams. The dedication of the fans to these various teams was extremely clear on Wednesday. Thursday was, of course, Throwback Thursday. Like Jersey Day, outfits came in a wide range. From neon and fishnets to mom jeans and chokers, Friends’ Central’s campus was like a time machine. Friday was Blue and Grey day. Everybody showed off their Phoenix Pride by dressing head-to-toe in school merch.

It was also on Friday that the Upper School attended the amazing Lunar New Year Assembly. The assembly included dancing, singing, and much talent! Following the end of the day on Friday, many continued their celebration of Friends’ Central by coming out to support the basketball teams. Finally, Saturday ended Spirit Week in the best possible way with the long awaited Snowcoming which was a huge hit. I interviewed Juniors about their thoughts of Spirit Week 2020. As expected, Snowcoming received great reviews as did Pajama day. When asked what their hopes for Spirit Week next year would bring, a junior answered that they hope Twin Day will make a comeback. Overall Spirit Week 2020 was a huge success. Thank you to the student council for all of the hard work that they put into Spirit Week and Snowcoming. We’re all looking forward to Spirit Week 2021!

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