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Student Reflections on Angst Movie

FOCUS accumulated thoughts from the student body about the screening of the movie

photo creds to Angst movie website

Angst on Friday April 12. We hope you find these thoughts meaningful. Phoebe Rotondo '21: "I think the movie talked about an important topic, and I'm happy that we had it. [However], the movie could have been shortened and the point could have been made in a less amount of time, and then we could have had longer discussions afterwards because my homeroom only had time to start a conversation but not actually finish it or get anything done." Audrey Blinman '22: "I thought the movie presented different anxieties pretty well, but it was pretty general. I mean it was only an hour long. It made me see the diversity between small effects of stress on people's lives and then deeper effects. It was really interesting to see how people battle stress and what their methods are versus what my methods are and my sources of stress." Amanda Thompson '21: "I was on the Day of Silence so I couldn't talk, [but I didn't think the discussions] carried a point through. You need to have a more in- depth understanding of anxiety in my opinion to really understand the full purpose of the movie rather than just an outsider perspective who gets stressed on a daily basis. I think the message that should be conveyed is that anxiety is pretty common, and often more common mental disorders are overlooked."

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