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Student’s Review of Virtual FCS

By: Lydia Wilcox '21 Reporter

Friends’ Central’s transition to a virtual school has been a learning experience for teachers and students alike. For many students, the switch has been a difficult adjustment. Students miss seeing their friends and teachers everyday. Some students have also recognized how much they benefited from learning in a physical classroom setting and interacting with their classmates in-person. As much as all of us at Friends’ Central would love to make a quick return to City Line Ave, FCS students are making the best of their new virtual school days. Students attempt to keep in touch with their friends outside of their Zoom meetings through Facetime and lively group chats. Most students would agree that one perk of having online classes is the flexibility that their new school schedules allow. A junior at Friends’ Central, Dior Rodgers, feels that because her class schedules are less rigid, she is able to take more breaks in between her academic time which she appreciates.

FCS students have noted that the adjustments made to both the class schedule and our workloads post-spring break have been, for the most part, an improvement. However, some still find it difficult to keep track of all the work that they have been assigned. In addition, students feel that, even with the adjustments, they work for more extended periods of time than they had before the virtual switch. 

For as long as we are learning through virtual FCS, students should continue to raise their questions and concerns to their teachers. Hopefully, if teachers and students work together, our temporary FCS will improve significantly by the time that we reach the highly anticipated day when we are all able to return to our seriously missed City Line Ave campus. 

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