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Hey Council, What's Up?

By Katia Campos '22 10/26/18

Don’t know what to look forward to for the next few weeks? Do you feel as though your concerns as a student are not being properly addressed? If this is the case, don’t worry! The Student Council has your back! Focus recently sat down with Vice President Kalila Jones ‘19 to get the inside scoop of what’s happening in Student Council.

Vice President Kalila Jones shares both she and President Nathan Levitties have been working together to help improve the new key card system: “I don’t enjoy the way this system is being used at the moment and I think most of the students here agree with me as well, so I am going to work on making a better, more efficient system.”

In addition to the key card system, the Student Council has worked together to help improve many other things here at FCS. One of those projects is the microwaves in the cafeteria. Kalila explains, “We have recently installed another microwave that can be located on the left-hand side of one of Shallcrosses entrances, on the table amongst the condiments. The first microwave can be found by the coffee stand.” Despite having many people involved in the council, it can sometimes be difficult to gauge the needs of the student body as a whole. To address this, Kalila shares, “Even though we are on the council, it is still very hard trying to find out what to do in the future or how to help in the community. I hope to install a future suggestion box, something that all of the students can get a hold of.” Kalila elaborates that the suggestion box would be a place students “can put in their own ideas or suggestions without having to be dedicated to the student council. It could be a way to see how the students here feel about our school or what they might want changed. We want it to be more accessible with other people’s opinions.”

Something to look forward to in these upcoming weeks is the Freshmen-Senior Sibling Assembly. Kalila describes it as, “A day where the seniors meet up with their little siblings, and they get together and act out little skits. Towards the end everyone acts out in a friendly competition where the judges choose which pair or team has done the best act.” Freshmen-Senior Sibling day is always a highlight, so look forward to it!

Overall, Kalila maintains that this year, the council is filled with bright and dedicated members she knows will make everybody’s life at FCS smoother, simpler, and more joyful.

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