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Students Speak on SAGE

By Melania Diah (Reporter ‘23)

Lunch is one of the most important parts of a students' day. They get to look forward to having a meal with their friends and satisfy their hunger all at once, and this year, FCS has introduced a new dining service that does things a little differently than our prior lunch service, Flik. It has now been almost two months since this change was implemented, and students have varying opinions ranging from unsatisfied to content.

One of these students, Simon Rasansky ‘23, says that he takes lunch from the cafeteria every day. He appreciates how “every time [he] walk[s] into the cafeteria the staff is nice and welcoming.” Simon has experienced both our new dining service, as well as the Flik dining service, and offered some noteworthy comparisons: “At 5pm after school, there used to be crêpes and waffle press which I miss a lot.” I advised him to suggest that in the Sage app students are able to download. “They have an app?!” he responded, surprised. If students are interested in providing the current dining service with feedback, they can download an app, and send it in there.

Another one of these students who wanted to voice their concern was Hope Lane ‘23. “I can't remember a day when I didn't take lunch from the cafeteria,'' she recalled. “The lines are decent and it's convenient to just buy my favorite food, Cuban sandwiches.” Her feedback for Sage Dining Service is that “there is room for improvement,” citing the request to bring back French Toast Thursdays. She suggested that Sage should take into the consideration of student input: “Utilizing the students to gauge ideas would be the best solution to making Sage better.” Just like Simon, she did not know about the app available to students. She assumed that the only way to contact them was through the comment board as well. “I’ll be using the app to request crêpes after school,” she optimistically declared.

I interviewed more and more students who were passionate about the state of the cafeteria. My main takeaway is that many of them were not aware of the ways they could contact the cafeteria. As mentioned earlier, there is an app available to students on the app store. Another way is the comment board located in the cafeteria where students can write down any concerns, additions, and ideas they might want the cafeteria to implement. If you have anything you might want the cafeteria to know, do so. The Dining Staff is ready to listen, so speak up!

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