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Thank you, Miguel!

By Sarah Leonard (Reporter ‘23)

In preparation for the end of the school year, we would like to thank all of the teachers and faculty for helping us through this year, but especially the ones leaving. Mr. Crauderueff, better known as Miguel, has been a part of the Friends’ Central community since 1980 as both a teacher and a coach. Before teaching in the Upper School, he taught French in the Middle School and traveled to Mexico to learn Spanish and start the Middle School Spanish program, which he described as “a big challenge but very exciting.” He has also coached many sports, including basketball, baseball, and softball—he even led the softball team to victory in their first FSL championship in 1998.

Miguel has enjoyed being a part of the FCS community, both as a teacher and a parent, and the knowledge he has gained on how to improve as a teacher, coach, and colleague is invaluable. He will leave a significant impact on FCS academics through his creation and adaptation of many of the classes that upper schoolers currently take, such as The Contemporary Latino Experience, World Spiritualities, Peace Studies, and Paris: Yesterday and Today. “I appreciate the trust given by the administration to make changes to the courses I was teaching and to develop new courses,” Miguel reflected.

Many students fondly remember the way he could make learning languages fun, incorporating food and culture along with vocabulary and verb tenses. He is also remembered for his welcoming and caring attitude towards his pupils, as Liam Foley remembers: “Miguel always showed interest in his students, even the next year after [he teaches them]. He makes sure to show that he cares, and you can tell he is genuinely passionate about his job. He was a big piece in helping me feel welcome in 9th grade.” In addition to introducing us to new cultures and languages, he was able to foster relationships with students, even after he was no longer teaching them.

With regards to the future, Miguel is looking forward to more free time: “It'll be nice not to have my days controlled by a 40- or 50-minute cycle.” He plans to read, study Mandarin, and travel, especially to visit family and friends.

When asked what he will miss most about teaching at FCS, he responded: “The people! The students, colleagues, and parents. Everyone has been so supportive and generous with their time and care over the years. The love they've shown me has been incredible! I am so appreciative that I've known so many wonderful people during my career here." Though he is starting a new chapter in his life, all of FCS will always be grateful for his immense impact on our school.

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