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Thank you Mr. vR

By: Natalie Neuhaus (Reporter ‘21)

As the academic year comes to a close, we want to acknowledge the teachers who will not be returning next year. However, this article is not a definite goodbye. Courtlandt van Rooten is unsure whether or not he will be returning next year, as Covid-19 presents many unknowns. We still want to thank Sr. vR for his time at Friends’ Central, even if he does return in the fall. 

Sr. vR has been teaching at FCS part time for six years. He originally came to cover for Ms. Davis while she was on maternity leave with her first child, and since then, he has had at least one class each year. Sr. vR took over another one of Ms. Davis’s classes when she was on maternity leave with her second child, and during that time he also taught an upper school French class. This year Sr. vR is teaching two sections of Spanish III Regular and one section of French II Advanced. When asked if he has taught any other classes in the past, Sr. vR told me he has not only taught foreign languages, but one year he also taught this year’s seniors in a Sophomore English class.

When asked what he will miss most about FCS, Sr. vR explained, “What I love most at FCS is also what I will miss: the students, the work we do together in the classroom, and the interaction that goes well beyond the subject matter. I love what I do... and you, the students, obviously, are part of that dynamic. I will miss the wonderful colleagues I have among the faculty and staff and the people who make up my daily life at FCS: from the maintenance staff I see and chat with first thing in the morning when I arrive at 7:15 or so; to the great people in the cafeteria; to the various support staff throughout the school; and of course, to my teaching colleagues and those in the administration. Everyone, students and adults alike, are determined to make FCS the best possible place it can be, and I think they succeed admirably. We support each other in all kinds of ways, many of which go well beyond the classroom, and that is hugely important in making our school exceptional.” 

Sr. vR, thank you for everything you have brought to our FCS community!  Teaching Spanish, French, and English, your enthusiasm, humor, and understanding personality have left an impact on so many students. If you do end up leaving at the end of  this year, you will be missed by many. If you are able to stay, we will welcome you back with lots of excitement in the fall!  

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