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Thank you Vicky Liu

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” 

Although some may interpret the above Tim Notke quote to indicate that perseverance and inherent aptness are mutually exclusive attributes, the reverberations of the hard work and talent that Vicky Liu has tirelessly and simultaneously exhibited dispel this belief. Over the three-year period during which I have had the privilege of collaborating with Vicky as staff on our school’s newspaper, I have been inspired by her indefatigable tenacity. When she commenced her tenure, her dynamic gusto was accompanied by promise in her clear journalistic writing ability. Yet, through re-evaluating drafts and most admirably, eliciting and embracing feedback, Vicky has developed the grace and nuance of a Pulitzer-bound writer. In August 2018, Vicky made FOCUS history when she was selected as the inaugural Coordinator of Internal Relations. It has been a delight to witness the revelation of Vicky’s talents in this position as she has established a comprehensive database of publication material, overseen the quotidian operations of our masthead, served as a partner in strategic initiatives, and undertaken substantial leadership responsibilities. Vicky has proven a knack for generating niche content, conducting interviews, which both challenge and affirm the subject, and disseminating valuable information to our institution in a consistently empathetic manner. Vicky’s “hard work and talent” transcend columns and features, as evidenced by her trailblazing establishment of the Medicine Explorers’ Club. I am colossally appreciative of Vicky’s loyalty and friendship over these past years and remain confident that in her medical and other aspirations, she will excel. Afterall, excellence is Vicky Liu. -JB '20


It has been really wonderful to get to know you over the past two years. You have been such a dedicated and reliable member of Focus from the time I joined (and long before that). It was so nice to have your consistent presence at every meeting, and you always shared such insightful thoughts and ideas. Thank you for responding to my many emails quickly, and being constantly ready to help. I could not have asked for a better person to communicate information every week to the whole Focus team. I truly don’t know what we will do without you in the club next year. I hope you are successful in whatever you do next in life! -Sophia David

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