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The class of 2021 Reminisces

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Complied By: Sophia David (Editor-in-Chief ‘21

As the class of 2021 prepares to leave FCS and makes their way out into the world, they reflect back on some of their favorite memories!

Charlie Szwartz: I’ve had so many incredible memories in my time at FCS that it’s hard to pick one. All the plays, all the jazz band practices, all the times chilling with my classmates in the library, all the times playing card games in the pod, just about everything I did here I’ll remember for years to come. I know this isn’t the answer you’re looking for, but I just can’t pick an absolute favorite memory.

Harper Will: I really enjoyed the picnic at the end of sophomore year! We had pizza and cotton candy and played badminton all afternoon!

Diego Spielman-Rodriguez: I once played basketball with Mr. Guides. Had to give him the work of course. I'd say that’s one of my fondest FCS-specific memories.

Anna Gullace: In Ms. McDonald’s 7th grade class, Dylan got stuck in a chair.

Leo Shack: During the spring we would play spikeball in the oval, getting pretty intense sometimes, and we played so much that we were destroying the grass. It got to the point that after a week or so we would be kicking up dust when we were playing. Eventually Mr. Mac asked us to move so the grass could recover, but then we just created a new patch of dirt in the new area.

Anne McCammon: The survivor mini course from middle school!! JV softball slip and slide was so funny!!

Allison Foley: A memory I will look back on is the Senior Breakfast. After an extremely strange and unpredictable senior year, this event was a moment where things felt relatively normal and it was so nice being with the whole class of 2021.

Margot Sissell: The Ocean City beach trip in 10th grade. I had lost my voice, but I still had a blast.

Natalie Neuhaus: JV softball in ninth grade, hilarious and so much fun.

Imran Loudini: A fun story I had during my time at FCS was when our class went to D.C. in eleventh grade, and after we were done with the museum and were allowed to roam the city. A couple friends and I almost missed the deadline to get back to the bus because we were out roaming the streets of D.C., admiring the beauty of the city. I still remember when we realized that we were late and we sprinted so fast to get back to the bus. We all had a laugh about it when we got back to the bus though, but I’m glad I got to experience something like that with my friends!

Amanda Thompson: At swim practice we were using the snorkels, and there were a few people chewing gum, which isn’t normally an issue. Someone came out of their turn and accidentally shot the gum through their snorkel where it would never be seen again.

Casper Hoffmann: I’m not very talented at basketball, so in the summer before 9th grade, I made a funny mockumentary called “Baller Dreamz” that people watched a lot in 9th grade. When I played in the student/faculty basketball game that same year, I sunk a 3 pointer and the whole crowd shouted “baller dreamzzzz.” That will always be the peak of my basketball career.

Morgan Cook-Sather: One memory I have is of the fun assemblies and just being with everyone and laughing at skits or game shows or fun performances.

Sophia David: In 11th grade, for service days, some of my friends and I went on an overnight trip to Mechanicsburg, PA to work at a Mission Central warehouse. We spent hours organizing boxes of Starbucks instant coffee by flavor. We developed a very efficient assembly line. It was such a weird thing to do, but we had so much fun.

Sammy Darling: Filming our 5th grade Roman videos in the stairwell....the intense games of clue during indoor recess....Dylan asking for a new test after spitting on his ERBs....filming our mini course video about vampires in 6th grade....Emma mistaking our teacher’s drawing of a canoe for a pair of underwear.

Aiden McLean: The memories that have become the most cherished for me are the times spent scrimmaging and playing basketball in Linton and Shimada during the community blocks. Win or lose, it was always such a rush and it was great being in a community where I felt safe and appreciated. I often used those games as a way to relax and looked forward to them everyday. I feel like I learned so much, and it was probably during those games where I grew the most in the past four years. I learned so much more about myself and in some ways started feeling stronger and more confident in myself, like I no longer needed to compare myself to others and that the only person who I needed to compete against and compare was myself. I don’t think I have been that happy playing those games since likely the third grade.

Hallie Bender: Watching Dylan Buccholz fall through the stairs in Shallcross right next to the nurse's office in middle school. It was hilarious. And only a very short walk to the nurse! Also, pushing Jared Lonner off of the monkey bars in second grade after he told me my stuffed animal I had just made was ugly. My stuffed animal was purple and so cute so naturally, I was angry. He cried.

Sydney Horenstein: One day at the lunch table we had really good green beans, and my friend Jared asked to trade ours for some reason. I was really skeptical because I thought they had fallen onto the floor and that’s why he wanted to trade. After a lot of convincing, I believed that they had not fallen on the floor so we traded and as I was eating them I found multiple hairs and that’s why he wanted to trade. It was not funny in the moment, but it’s really funny now:)) also the lunch table in general was always my favorite part of the day.

Lydia Wilcox: One of my favorite memories from my time at FCS was the junior’s trip to Washington, D.C. My favorite part of the trip was being able to spend time together with the entire grade and thought it was super fun!

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