The Growing Trend: Long Hair On Males At FCS

By: Julian Brenman ‘20 10-31-17

It sways in the wind, is versatile, and has become a trend some males, at least at Friends’ Central, have come to embrace. After all, why should such a fun look be off-limits for almost half of the population?

I know first hand, or shall I say “first head.” For the first 14 years of my life, my mother and grandparents completely, passionately, and strongly opposed my lifelong desire to let my locks grow. Though they aren’t exactly happy about the (long) look I now call my own, I am. It is fun to stroke, and just provides me with joy. I can’t quite explain it. As far as the worst part of sporting the look, I must admit maintenance is time consuming, as tangles in the mop just do knot go away. Some time devoted every day is necessary in order to keep my locks from looking like Raggedy Andy’s.

Mr. Greg Klein, a mathematics and homeroom teacher, also sports luscious locks. Mr. Klein

Mr. Klein in his classroom.

shares his journey to his current style: “All throughout high school, my dad, a Marine, would cut my hair every Sunday night. It wasn’t punitive, though. I was down with it. During that time, he gave me a flat-top, kind of military cut, and then when I went away to college, that kind of wasn’t the case anymore. I would say I probably had my first pony tail or whatever in my early twenties. I like the way long hair looks on me.”

Mr. Klein says the following about haircuts: “Sometimes I’ll grow it out, and then shave it off. I’ve grown it out then gotten the combover haircut, or I’ll grow it out and then just chop off enough to give to Locks of Love.” When asked if he has plans for any “chopping” in the future, Mr. Klein says, “No, man, I do not! The only hair I’m focusing on now is my moustache to kind of keep it out of my soup.”

Mr. Klein explains his maintenance and grooming routine. Jokingly, he says, “You know what, man, you don’t just wake up in the morning and look like this. I got like one bottle of soap that is like body soap, so I use it on everything, including my hair. I don’t use any special products.” In fact, despite common belief, Mr. Klein

“doesn’t see long hair as being a challenge. I can’t think of any kind of issue,” he says.

When asked if his Marine, hair-cutting father is feeling hairy about his son’s current look, Mr. Klein assures, “No man, my pops is cool. He recognizes me as an individual and as an adult. My hair has not gotten in the way of any of my relationships. My daughter likes it. ‘The longer, the better.’”

Mr. Klein gives the following advice to those who want to let it grow: “Get a hair stopper for your drain, ‘cuz if you have a clogged drain, you’re gonna have a bad day.”

Noah Riccardi is a current freshmen, and also has long hair. Riccardi, who has had the style since he was in fourth grade, agrees with Mr. Klein by saying “For me, it’s not that big of a

deal. I like it.”

While most boys and men here on City Ave are sticking to the more traditional, shorter look, long hair is a growing trend which allows some of us males to let our hair down and express ourselves in the ways we want to, despite societal expectations. My view is, if a man wants to grow his hair, who hairs?

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