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The Twists and Turns of Breakout Rooms

By Jared Miller (Reporter ‘22)

Tuesday, January 12, 10:13 AM

This mission was a success, but with a caveat. We completed the task—we were sent to figure out the code that was sent to us—but it was completed in silence. Our group was as quiet as a thief in a bubble wrap factory. We all silently completed our tasks without viewing each other and then we waited to hear from our leader about our return to discuss what others thought about the code.

Wednesday, January 13, 10:07 AM

This mission was a partial success. We were sent here to discuss the penultimate story, and we did—partially. It was never silent, but for part of the time, we were not on task. Our leader came into our group to talk about it with us to make sure we were on task, and we were on task at the time. After our leader left, however, the discussions also shifted to talk about birds, revolutionaries, and various other topics.

Thursday, January 14, 8:48 AM

As the semester nears to a close, we are currently being subjected to breakout rooms. At this very moment, I am in a breakout room where it is as silent as an angry mother giving their child the silent treatment. I am still on task, but for how long? We were sent on this mission to deduce the signals that we have been given, and we intend to complete that task. Albeit, like most other tasks, it will be completed in silence, and I will be unable to see the faces of my groupmates.

Thursday, January 14, 1:42 PM

Fully successful missions come few and far between, but we have just had one. We were sent on the quest to bring some light back to the group, and bring back light we will. We discussed our ideas on how to have the greatest success for the entire time, and we have made many decisions. We are awaiting word on when we can return and review the other group’s successes.

Thursday, January 14, 2:51 PM

The last class of the semester and I am haunted by the two-person breakout room. You could hear a pin drop in this room—if either of us were brave enough to unmute ourselves that is. We have been sent on the mission to reverse what has been completed yesterday, and it is not an easy task. We separately work on our assignment, as we are both afraid to break the silence in our two-person breakout room. I complete the work that I am given, but I have not been called back yet. I sit now, silently awaiting word on my return.

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