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"This Book Is Anti-Racist" Review

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

By Aria Kavitha Fiorillo (Reporter '25)

This year, the Justice Core team read This Book Is Antiracist (TBAR), by Tiffany Jewell and illustrated by Auŕelia Durand. TBAR is -as you may have guessed- an informational guide to being antiracist. With it’s bright, eye-catching illustrations and clear, engaging writing, it is more like viewing a captivating presentation than reading a book. The book is separated into chapters and individual lessons, so you can easily read a bit every day. Included are checkpoints and activities that deepen your understanding of the issues discussed. In addition to being informative, TBAR inspires self-discovery, not simply observations about the world. Its personal nature combined with world scale issues makes TBAR unique. It provides you with information and lessons that you can then apply to your own life. The Justice Core team also worked on the journal that accompanies TBAR. It is full of color and creativity, and contains activities that compliment the book and encourage you to reflect on the reading in relation to yourself. TBAR is a necessary read for people of all ages and all backgrounds. Though I am not a fan of rereading books, I am eager to read TBAR again!

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