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TikTok - The Latest Craze

By: Allison Foley ’21 and Natalie Neuhaus ’21, Reporters


Each year, there is some new craze that sweeps up teenagers and young kids across the world. Recently, it has been the popular video making app, TikTok. As the world develops, new trends emerge, the next becoming more addicting than the previous. Almost every teenager has heard of TikTok, even if they don’t have the app. Logging into the app is like falling down a deep dark hole of 15-second videos: dance trends, relatable comedy videos, and sometimes just random videos of people with their friends. You open the app expecting to scroll for five or ten minutes, but then ten minutes turns into twenty minutes, and twenty minutes turns to thirty. Soon enough, you’re wondering how in the world you just spent an hour on TikTok. Many of us have been there. Many would argue that lots of teenagers are addicted to TikTok. We surveyed students to see how much time they spend on tik tok each day, and here is what they said:

How Addicted are Friends’ Central Upper School Students to TikTok?

TikTok QUIZ: This quiz will help tell you 1. How addicted are you to TikTok? and 2. How well do you know the app?

Have you ever made a viral TikTok? (Over 10k views)



How many TikTok dances do you know?





How many can you name? List them here.


Do you know what the hype house is?



Have you ever posted a video with the #foryoupage?



What country was TikTok created in?





What was TikTok originally called?


What year was TikTok created?





Answer Key:

Question 6 = China

Question 7 =

Question 8 = 2016

Among the many responses we received, many were more opinionated while others were amusing. One student responded, “No time. I deleted it because it was two [sic] addictive.” It is very impressive this student was able to know when it began to take up too much time. It's so incredibly easy to get sucked into the trends of today. “1 hour and 34 min average” was the most specific answer we received. Other students' responses included, “To [sic] much,” “Lots of time,” and “I have never even considered downloading TikTok and I will not be changing that in the future.”

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