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We will miss you, Mariama!

By Kiyah Thorne ('21 Guest Contributor)

As Mariama Richards is getting ready to move to California for her new job, the FCS community will miss her deeply on campus. Some things that she said she will miss the most about the Friends’ Central community and being on campus are the students and all of the laughter that comes with being with them. They are the reason why she works at schools in the first place. She loves the different personalities of the administrative team and principals, Beth Johnson, Alexa Quinn, and Melody Acinapura. The Quaker ethos that comes with being at Friends’ Central makes her realize how we’re different from other schools, and she appreciates that. Additionally she has loved learning about Philly’s culture and how it differs from the Washington, D.C. culture that she knows. When asked about her favorite moments from her time at our school, she quickly answered that it was “students crashing her adult meetings.” Along with that are the BSF dances and the international student assemblies and events. Mari was one of the great faculty leaders of the Black Student Forum, and here is a note from the student leaders on behalf of the whole club: 

Dear Mari, 

We will love and miss our campus mom so much. Thank you for always providing an office to stop in whether it was to have someone to talk to that would listen or just to get smarties and gummies. You always kept us in check, but still made our meetings fun and educational. We will always appreciate what you have done for our community, and we will never forget you. Ryan will continue to play “A Song for Mama” in your honor. BSF loves you!

Best wishes,

Kiyah, Ryan, Ryan, Kayla, and the rest of BSF

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