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Welcome, Melanie Wills!

By Christopher Samuel (Reporter ‘26)

In the main doors of the FCC, up the stairs, and after two lefts and a right, is a magical classroom, room 305. As you walk in the door, your eyes are drawn to the poster showing a heavy metal band of elements like copper (Cu) and silver (Ag) rocking out with drums, guitars, and other instruments. On the other side of the room, right next to the door, are the noble gasses, placed regally on their own poster, each complete with pompous expressions and expensive, sophisticated attire. This is the room of Dr. Wills.

One of several new teachers joining us at FCS this year is Dr. Melanie Wills. She is here to teach all levels of Chemistry. Dr. Wills first went to Wesleyan University, in Connecticut, for her undergraduate study. She continued on to MIT to get her Ph.D. in organic chemistry — her favorite type of chemistry, though FCS doesn’t have an organic chemistry class right


Dr. Wills is not at all new to teaching! Early on, she taught at the college level. Later, she realized her passion for teaching high school students, and so she made this switch. She has also gained lots of experience with Quaker schools, having previously taught at George School and Penn Charter before finally coming to Friends’ Central, where she’s loving it. She’s very excited to be here, and she is looking forward to getting to know the people here better.

Though she is enjoying it here, Dr. Wills would be even happier if the subject of her studies, organic chemistry, could come to Friends’ Central. Perhaps this course, in which one learns all about the chemistry of carbon, will come in the future for students to take.

In her free time, Dr. Wills likes to bake and sometimes brings in baked goods for students. As a member of one of her classes, I can confirm that she excels in this field as well. In addition, Dr. Wills also knits and reads; in fact, she runs the Knitting Club here at FCS! And she can be found both teaching — she recently gave an illuminating guest lesson on chemiluminescence — and learning in the Science Core Team.

Overall, Dr. Wills is happy to be at FCS and is really liking the school so far. Her favorite thing so far for her is the student body. Students are extremely eager to learn, make mistakes, participate, and just get involved. This excitement pushes Dr. Wills to do her best and be excited as well. Thank you, Dr. Wills!

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