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Welcome, Mr. Talone!

By: Jared Miller (Reporter ‘22)

One of the new teachers at FCS this year is Mr. David Talone. Mr. Talone, also known as Señor Talone or Magister Talone, is teaching Spanish 4 and Latin Literature Advanced, as well as serving as an Assistant Coach to the Boys Cross Country Team. He grew up here on the Main Line, in Ardmore to be specific, but he had never set foot on campus until last year. Talone has, however, been all over the world: studying in Rome for a year, teaching in Buenos Aires for another year, and teaching in Medellín for an additional three years. Directly before moving to FCS, Talone spent the last nine years teaching Latin and Spanish in Charlotte, NC

Talone is thrilled to be teaching at Friends’ Central because it lets him live where he grew up and allows him to spend valuable time with friends and family. He is also excited to experience the Quaker ethos. Talone grew up with a plethora of meeting houses around him, but has never experienced any aspects of Quakerism. Mr. Talone is eager to be teaching “the vibrant and curious student body” and to work alongside great teachers at FCS, including his own ninth-grade religion and sexual education teacher, Mr. Vernacchio. Although Talone is greatly missing in-person classes and conversations in the halls, he believes that FCS is doing the right thing by adhering to a hybrid model. 

Be sure to warmly welcome Mr. Talone if you happen to see him on campus or on-line!

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